Making Your Recruitment Automated!

A new recruitment assistant is now available for you. Introducing MyRA, My Recruitment Assistant. MyRA is designed to assist you in managing your recruitment business. It tracks all the important details to help you run your business efficiently.


search right candidate

Search within attached resumes

Looking for the right candidate is now fast and easy.
MyRA will search the entire content of an attached Word document.

recruitment encoding

Simple encoding

No need to encode the full resume.

applicant sourcing

Powerful applicant sourcing

Find the right candidate using various filters

calendar for interview schedule

Interview Calendar

A calendar that shows different interview types and their actual date and time

track recruitment applicants

Know what’s happening to your applicants

Recent updates and changes are easily noticeable.

give manpower requests to recruiters

Manpower request assignment

Assign manpower request to different recruiters.

customize own dashboards

Personalized dashboard

Different dashboard for different user roles.

evaluate recruitment business performance

Analyze your business

Powerful reports helps you analyze the performance of your business.

let employer see applicant line-up

Employer access

Let your employer view your applicant line-up online.

check applicants progress before deploying

Processing module

Track the progress of your applicants before they are deployed to their workplace.

merge job search and online application to website

Website integration

Add the power of job search and online application to your website.

keep an eye on applicants payments

Monitor your collection

Track all applicant payments.

bulk email sending to applicants

Connect with applicants

Send bulk emails directly from MyRA using various templates.

store files online for future use

Digital storage

Applicant documents are filed neatly for future reference.


MyRA is developed on a software-as-a-service model. No need for a one time big time purchase.
You are assured of continuous upgrades and development without the big investment.
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